Problems burning selfmade Videos



Hi everybody :slight_smile:

Well first I want excuse my maybe badly english, but I hope you will understand what my problem is.

Well now I’m using here ANYDVD and CloneDVD When I try to burn a original DVD it works here fine and no problems come up.

If I try to make a copy from a copy I got errors like that one her:

File 1 L:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_5.VOB 23 TCSectorReader

I also try to copy a selfmade DVD but the same errors occured.

So someone any idea where the problem can be?

Thnx for helping me!

Greetings out of Munich


You could use CloneCD for burning the copy to new one.
Just make an image to hd and then burn - like with a cd - clonecd also can burn dvd.


@ HansMunich,

I believe your problem in not being able to make a copy of a back up copy is caused by read/write errors on your back up DVD copy that were induced during the Burn media process in CloneDVD.

Suggest using the free diagnostic software utility DVDInfo ( to check your suspect back up DVD copy for read/write errors. Using DVDInfo ( to check your suspect back up DVD copy for read/write errors is a simple. Deactivate AnyDVD and place your suspect back up DVD copy in your computer DVD device. Install DVDInfo and open the program. On the opening page top menu bar is a Magnifying Glass Icon. Click on that Icon. The CD/DVD CRC Read Error Test page appears. On the lower right side of the page is a “Start” button. Click on that button and let the program test for errors. Any Red (Bad) sectors indicate that suspect DVD disk has read/write errors which is the cause of your failure to make a back up copy of this disk.

The most likely cause of these read/write errors in your back up copies is caused by the use of poor quality blank DVD media and/or out dated DVD Burner firmware.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your DVD media it is prudent to insure that your DVD Burner has the most current up to date firmware available for your DVD Burner installed. DVD Firmware is the major factor that controls the quality of data written to your blank DVD media and it is important to have the latest DVD firmware installed to ensure the proper writing of data to your blank DVD media. No matter how good the quality is of the blank DVD media you are using if you DVD Burner firmware does not include the latest write strategy for the particular DVD media you are using you will experience poor data write problems.

The acquire information on the current firmware version of your DVD Burner use a software utility program similar to the DVDInfo Pro ( Then suggest visiting the appropriate CD Freaks Forum ( for you particular DVD Burner to ensure that DVD Firmware that is installed on you DVD Burner is that latest version available.

Best Regards,