Problems burning scratched dvds



I have a bunch of dvds I want to backup and most of them I have success backing up using shrink, but I still have a few I cant back up due to the scratches on it which really aren’t that bad, and It would give me an error message during the analyzing phase. Is there any software or any settings I can use to ignore the part where it cant be read? And I just find out that the dvds I successfully burned cant be read in my dvd rom! It reads perfectly fine in my dvd player. what could that be? The dvd+rw are all memorex and my dvd rom came with my HP pc.



Search this forum for posts that show you how to polish out the scratches.

Older DVD ROM may not be able to read +R/+RW format. Use -R media or bitsetting tool to covert your +R DVDs to CD ROM during the burn. Note that bitsetting will only work if your DVD burner support this option.


thanks I’ll do that, but is it possible that my dvd rom cant read what it burned? Because that seems to be the case and it seems very odd to me. My dvd rom does have a label saying dvd+rw on it same on my medias. Sorry for all the noobish questions!


You can set Dvd Decrypter to ignore read errors.

Thoroughly clean the disc before starting and then use Decrypter to extract in file mode. Have Decrypter set for 20 software read retries and to ignore read errors. Whilst this may take a while, if the disc is clean, you’ll probably be surprised at how few read errors will actually occur.

After ripping, run Dvd Shrink on the extracted files to compress, if required.