Problems Burning SafeDisc 2/3 Games With Lite-On Burners!

Ok so the last safedisc game i burnt a working backup of was call of duty, after updating the firmware it wont burn any other safedisc 2/3 game like postal 2 stp, true crime sola, splinter cell pt, and others, i have tryed 2 burners cd-rw 48246s and dvd-rw 851s, i have also tryed downgrading the firmwares to older versions on both drives with no luck :frowning: the cd just keeps spinning when trying to authiticate the disc, i dont get the error messege saying insert correct cd it just keeps trying to read it. i dont know what todo any help would be appreciated please, and would downgrding to the original manafactuar’s firmware (whitch i cant find anywhere) that was on the drive when i took it out of the box brand new help at all? thanks.

You can find many Liteon DVD writer firmwares here . :wink: :slight_smile:

BTW, which software are you using? Alcohol 120%? Blindwrite? Could this be a blacklist rather than firmware problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do u use clonyxxl ? If no. Try this to be sure that your game is well safedisk 2/3.

thanks guys, i am currently using blindwrite 4.5.7 and alcohol 120 newest version, i dont know if any of these are blacklisted or not. also i have tried all the firmwares on the page that u gave me for the firmwares and i still have the same problems with all the firmwares for both models of burners i have. so i am still stuck:P thanks

also could an ata cable have any effect on this, i noticed i have an older ata 40 pin cable attached to my burners…should i go but a new 80 pin one? think this would help

Well I know that the 48246S should be able to burn some of them for sure.
Since you have more than one drive giving you problems it sounds like more of a software issue than a hardware one.

Perhaps our friends in the copy protection forum can have a look at this (moved thread).

ClonyXXL is no longer updated, I strongly suggest using A-Ray Scanner.

for your pin cable… actually this can only affect the transfer rate of your drive. Normally your drive is protected against buffer underrun so. No real problem with that… At the price of a cable, if i was u, i would immediatly buy a new one and swap it.

I know that with some protection the drive have to do it very slowly. Maybee your copy is too fast. try to do it at 1 or 2 speed. i know that it’s slow, but at that speed, you are sure that the drive correctly works on errors… So launch your copy and go watch a film :slight_smile:

ok tryed burning at 4x (doesent go any slower than that) still doesent work, also tryed swaping my ata cable with nothing as well i am sure this is probably a software problem what are the odds of both drive not working, but i dont know what it could be…

i think i may have got it, it might have been a bit of both software and that dam cable. i replaced my old cable with a new one, and burn the cd at 4x and it worked. switched back to my old cable didnt work. so i guess that was the problem after all…thanks for all your help guys. btw postal 2 stp was the one i burnt it worked. i am going to try some others later ill let you guys know how it goes.

what is nearly sure is that the faster you rip a protected cd, the most change you get to crap it.

Originally Posted by merther02
Well, if thats the case then again sorry to say it but Aray 2 sux, aray 1 still leads

Now you are telling others to use it? Strange

Yes, but A-ray 2 is so much better than the outdated clonyXXL…though I must admit I do miss the nice touch that the profiler added :wink:

At least somebody thinks that.

I meant v1, im not going to add any more to your argument provoking, i had enough of that in the Aray 2 scanner thread.