Problems burning ps1 games' images on a DVD



Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask you guys for a bit of help. I have a PS 1 game image in ISO format, and wanted to burn it on a DVD ROM (Verbatim DVD-R 16x) to play it on a PS 2. The problem is that when I’m using Alcohol 120% to burn it, the writing speed I can choose varies from 32x to 157x (!). It says that’s the max speed, but the DVD says it’s 16x. I can’t proceed due to this high speed (I can’t even start the burning process, even if I’d want to).

Tried using Nero, but it says that it’s impossible to write this compilation on that kind of disc.

Can anyone help?? Thanks in advance.


Which application did you use to make the backup in the first place?


The backup was done with Alc 120%, but quite some time ago (I’ve already backed some of my ps1 games before I got ps2), although I don’t think time matters here.


ps1 game to dvd ? u mean


Yes, the backed up game is a ps1 game, but I want to burn it on a DVD-R.


u cant u need to put it on a cd :slight_smile: , also u need a mod on ya ps2 to play backups


I was afraid so. Anyway, if I may ask you for some further help: when I’ve modded my ps2, the man who did this had said that I should only use the top-shelf DVD’s, like Verbatim, TDK to run back-ups. He also mentioned not use regular CDs, but only DVDs. I was surprised, but since I’m far from being an expert I decided to follow his advice. So if I need to use CDs could you tell me which brands are the best not to end my consoles life earlier? I assume that the same brands would do, but I’m asking just in case.


Good cds ie , Taiyo yuden can be found in many places but id go for the verb pastel cd-r which is taiyo yuden and burn lowest as poss for a ps1 game to run on the ps2


So I’ll use the Verbatims. Thank you guys so very much, you’ve been a great help.