Problems burning onto a DVD RW Drive

I’ve got Nero 7 and I’m trying to burn a Cue+Bin file onto a DVD+RW.

When I insert the DVD in the drive and select the cue file, it tells me that there is no cd in teh drive or that I have the wrong type of CD/DVD in there.

I have placed the DVD+RW in the DVD RW drive.

What could be the problem?

Appreciate the help.


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Please let us know what your burner make and model number is…

Typically a cue/bin combination is for CD media not DVD media.

What size is the bin file as approx 800mb will fit onto an 80min/700mb CD-R.

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I have a DVD RW drive which I cant remember the name of. But after I updated the driver or firmware from the Internet a few weeks ago, the drive name shows up as LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1673S.

I wanted to burn the Cue and Bin files onto my DVD+RW becasue I wanted to erase it again. I dont have any CD RW CDs at the moment.



I went to update the firmware just now and it informed me that I already had the latest update.
Anyway, I proceeded and after the reboot, I tried to burn the DVD again.

The same problem crops up.

Here is the problem which I see…

Well, as TimC points out, you are probably trying to burn a CD image to a DVD. Very different physical structure so unfortunately you won’t be able to do that.

You could burn the .cue and .bin files [I]as data[/I] to a DVD, but this wouldn’t make a mountable disc so you’ll probably have to wait until you get some recordable CDs.

Ok, thanks for that. I didn’t realize that it was just impossible.


The likes of DVD Decrypter & ImgBurn will convert BIN format on the fly to be DVD compatible. They won’t read the cue files though so if there’s anything in that that’s needed the you’ll end up with a useless burn.

Also if this should be a VCD or SVCD image then I doubt tat would play if burned on a DVD.