Problems burning my first DVD

Im using a plextor 712A.

I am able to copy an image of the main movie (Finding Nemo) onto my hard drive. Using Daemon Tools I am able to play the entire DVD without any emulation features. When burning the DVD I get errors at the same spot. Is this a security feature? If so how can I get past it. Its late so I havnt emparted too much in the way of details. Please reply if you know whats up or you need more information.

softwares used ?
method used ?
dvd media used ?

are you using dvd decrypter and dvd shrink? they are both free programs and they have always been faultless on my computer. Burning, however, it another matter…

I used Clone DVD 3.0 to create the image. I took the English audio, no subtitles, and the main film (minus the credits). The image size is 4.36GB. I used disc copier from Roxio easy CD and DVD creator 6. The media I used was Memorex 8x 4.7GB DVD-R.

I think I have isolated the problem to the Memorex DVD’s I bought.
I tried to burn my Steam Apps file (for CS source and the likes) as a backup. The same error occured at the same exact spot. Now im burning the Finding Nemo image using a Newegg DVD-R blank DVD that I got for free when I bought the 712A. It seems to be burning perfectly. We will see in a few.