Problems Burning Music

Hi All…This is my first time here… Ive had this DVD Burner now almost a year .Its a pioneer DVD-RW the last couple of days i am unable to burn any music..I have tried Easy Creator Roxio 6 which i have always used in the pass and also have tried Nero.. Now what happens is when i click on Burn in Roxio it only writes the Table of Contents and then it stops, i cant even open the DVD tray i always have to Reboot…In Nero it gives me Error…I have never had trouble with it until this week, i have always been able to burn movies, and music…I have no Virtual drives installed nor do i have any external drives… I have the latest firmware from pioneer which is V.1.41. My OS is Windows 2000 Pro with 512 Megs of ram… Can someone help me PLEASE!! i`m really stumped onto what to do next…Thank You All… :frowning:

Replace the ide cable.