Problems burning mp3's

Hi hope somebody out there can help me. searched the forum could not find this answer. Need very specific feature in a burning program. I have access to audio spoken word CD’s ripped to my hard drive in mp3 format using Cdex, at voice quality setting for max CD capacity. Some of these books can run to 15 CDs. so I rip each disc to a folder named disc 1, 2 etc as one complete file. I split this down into 9 tracks using cool mp3 splitter. I use this method for two reasons. 1) Nero, latest version, sorts tracks alphabetically and numerically I tend to use track numbers 01 02 03 etc. if I use track numbers from CD, Nero will force-re-sort of songs as follows 01-10-11-12-13-etc then 2 to 9, no good for audio books. 2) By using folders I can have two or three different audio books on 1 mp3 CD to play in car. Using Nero burning as data CD I can burn complete folders, using Nero express I can do the same. Problem is I have a two-second gap between each track that I would like to remove. I know you can remove the gap in wav format in nero but not mp3?. I tried feurio removes the gap, played fine within the program but I was unable to set up folders. Also tried a few other freeware burners non-fitted the above. Anybody out there run into the same problem and found a solution, any suggestions gratefully accepted.

why not use an audio editing program to combine all the mp3s into a wav, then convert the wav back to mp3 and burn as one file. If you absolutly want the tracks separated that is a bit harder. When you burn a data cd in nero, you don’t have any control over the gaps in between the data tracks.

What you could do is a use a program that can burn bin and cue files, such as fireburner, and edit the cue sheet to have no gaps in between the tracks.

Would be a bit more work, but i think if done properly, you won’t have any gaps.

Search the forum for info on editing cue sheets and burning bin and cue files.