Problems burning Mitsubishi DVD-R 16x @8x with PIO 216BK

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you here have experienced the same problem burning Mitsubishi/Verbatim DVD-R 16x discs @8x with PIO 216BK. I’ve tried it twice and in both times the burn would be completed but it would fail the Verifying Process at 20% (for both discs) with I/O Error message.

I’ve tried burning them @6x and it was OK !!!

Any clues why its like that ?

My disc ID are ;

Mitsubishi DVD-R 16x - MCC03RG20
Burner - Pioneer DVR-216BK Firmware ver.1.09
Burned using - IMGburn ver.

Any insights into this is much appreciated… :slight_smile:

Thanks & Rgds.

What is the mobo & controller used?

[QUOTE=chef;2284236]What is the mobo & controller used?[/QUOTE]

Hi Chef,

I’m using Intel DG965RYCK with ICH8 controller if I’m not mistaken… :slight_smile:

Is there any insight into this Chef ?

Check the SATA controller setup in the BIOS… Set itto native or compatible if possible.

[QUOTE=chef;2284512]Check the SATA controller setup in the BIOS… Set itto native or compatible if possible.[/QUOTE]

I really don’t think that its the controller settings cause it is able to burn DVD+R 16x @8x - @12x with no problems at all.

I’m starting to think that the PIO 212BK and 216BK (I have them both) just doesn’t like the DVD-R 16x MCC03RG20 media that much. Frankly, through experience I started to think that the +R media is much better and less Headache than the -R media… :slight_smile:

Specially the DL disc’s I can never make a good burn with the DVD-R DL media but always had a perfect burn with the DVD+R DL media.

For the MCC03RG20 disc I can get good burns with very low PIF’s at max 6x only and I’ve tried it with six discs and all of then shows consistent results.

Normally they should LOVE that Verbatim media…