Problems burning Lord of Destruction: Diablo2 Exp

Well here’s what . I first tried it with Clone 3341, and read it with both my LTD163 Drive and then my liteon 32123S.
wouldn’t work. kept asking for the disk, though i had Hide CDR Media enabled.

So, I decided to upgrade firmware to XSOU ( i don’t usually upgrade firmware unless absolutely necessary, … i thought it was cause i’ve backed up other securom ‘new’ games without problem on my liteon burner)

I also installed the new clonecd and tried again, both times with the same results .

IF you’ve been able to successfully back this game up pls. share that info.

oh yes, my settings are correct i.e i’ve used clony xxl 2006, subchannel read and so on.
my guess is that the liteon’s don’t read subchannel too good , this i’ve heard.

any help would be appreciated…

If you suspect your Lite-On not reading the SC data well, try lowering the read speed. Are you sure your disc isn’t scratched or smudged, are there any error reports during reading the image (disable the ‘Don’t report read errors’ option).

Wow, It copied using CD Mate 2.2.5.

I’ve been a faithful clonecd user since nov2000, but now i dunno anymore. CDMate scores some big points here.

I read with Liteon LTD163 and burned, but it didn’t work.
when i read with my ltr32123s with cdmate’s securom 1/2 settings i finally met with success !!! and it read the cd at max speed too !!!

thanks, but i ain’t givin up on clone yet, i’m gonna try those settings you said gamefreak … i’ve read of successful copies using clone. though i did pass the correct settings from clony i.e. read sc data at 8x.

Settings & Tips. Guide to Reading

i had to read at 16x and write at 16x as opposed to the normal 20 to get it to work :wink:

I tried both Clone and Mate.My outcome was just the opposite.
Clone backed it up in 4min 33 sec.I used a Mitsumi 480ATE.
Mate failed the backup! I used both of the latest versions.

Originally posted by jeepers
I tried both Clone and Mate.My outcome was just the opposite. Clone backed it up in 4min 33 sec.I used a Mitsumi 480ATE. Mate failed the backup! I used both of the latest versions.
Umm…yeah…look, I’ve gotta say, that if you follow the guidance in this Forum, not a lot can go wrong.

It took me about a month, research, nOOb questions, trial & error, insulting Mods to get their attention (DON’T EVER TRY THAT HERE - I love you all) to set myself up for success. Mere mortals should expect to take a bit longer :stuck_out_tongue:

FP,I don’t quite understand your last post.Are you telling me I did
something wrong,pointing out Clone worked for me? I use both
softwares,and PAID for both.I merely wanted to point out you
can burn LOD with Clone. If I took your post wrong,I’m sorry!

Heheh LOL :smiley:

Originally posted by jeepers
If I took your post wrong,I’m sorry!
You did! If I respond specifically or it’s not clear who I’m talking to you’ll see this at the top of my post, for example,


I know I quoted you but I used your post to make the point that CloneCD does work. I make the point in the sticky posts that CD Mate, for example, works better with some Firmware Revisions, specifically early ones. A 24102B, ‘out of the box’, seemed to always read faster in CD Mate than CLoneCD. However, as soon as you went to, say, 5s07, CloneCD won hands down :wink:

A lot of my posts are aimed at any reader of the thread, and I did stick my tongue out at the end…

Well,I apologize for my misunderstanding.Although I am a newbie
in this forum,and don’t quite know the personality of most posters.I have been burning since the first burners came out,so I like to help others when I can.I hope I can be of some help here
in the future.I do have 8 differant makes of burners,and do about
100 burns per week.So I do have knowledge of a lot of the drives
fellow Freaks are using.