Problems burning lame Mp3

reposted as directed, thanks
I have a problem burning Mp3 Files Formated in 320kbps LAME MP3 Khz 44,100, Stereo, with Nero7, they play OK on the WIndows media player from file, but when I burn them in Nero7 as Music Cd’s and play them back on my windows media player or any cd player, I get no sound, has anybody got a fix for this. I’m new to this and know very little about mp3 formats, so any help would be great
thanks kello2u

That wasn’t what I meant. It can easily be moved by one of the moderators here.

Anyway try burning them with Burrrn ( & see if that works. It’s a super little free program that’ll often work when Nero fails. BTW in Nero you are finalizing the CDs & not using multi-session aren’t you.

finalizing and no multisession, I have just burned them off as dvd Mp3, they seems to plays fine on my dvd player, does this mean the files are in DVD format, and if so can they be coverted so as I can burn them on cd rather than DVD

thanks for the burner works great now,no problems, must have been nero after all.
thanks again.