Problems burning isos on Dual Layer dvds?!

hello to all, im new here, iv looked around to see if this has been covered before but cant find an answer so hope you guys can help.
iv got an iso im wanting to burn to dual layer (dvd9), it burns fine everytime except when im watching the film half way through it just stops and thats it. i think its a layer break issue but tried two different programs and two different types of dl media and it happened both times! what am i doing wrong? i have made loads of 360 successful burns using imgburn but cant for the life of me figure out what to do with dvd9 movies. is there any guides on how to do this because i cant find any? is there a specific layer break for dvd9’s like there is with 360 games? do you need the mds file for successful burns? pls help

And WC btw…

Hopefully you’re using Verbatim DVD+R DL media here.

At the layer break , if all else is OK , you should only get a slight hesitation. If it stops like that then it’s most likely a very poor burn.

For DL, ISO rip with RipIt4Me, which creates 2 files, ISO & MDS. You burn the MDS file with ImgBurn because it contains the layer break information. Don’t forget to make sure that the booktype for Dvd+R DL will be set to Dvd-Rom.