Problems burning ISO Images

Hi Guys,

I am using the NeroType Library (1.0.4) and C# to integrate CD burning into our software.

I am having problems burning ISO images. The problem is that at an unpredictable time, the image simply stops writing. No error messages are raised, everything simply grinds to a halt. This happened at 18%, 86%, 76%, 10% through the image burn process for the same collection of files. The total size of files is around 6GB, the image will be written onto a dual layer disc eventually.

I see from some of the forum entries that others have had this problem. Has anyone managed to resolve it yet? Having spent the last 3 weeks rewriting major parts of our application to use Nero (due to our last burning library being unrealiable), it is becomming apparent that noone seems to be able to build a reliable burning library.

I am very keen to find a resolution and finally nail this project on the head - can anyone help? I think I’m beginning to go mad!

Many thanks in advance,



You can then try out other burning tool such as ISO-burner. This tool is free and extremely easy to use. I’ve used it before and never failed with it. You might wish to try it out in your case

Thanks for your response, but I realise that I didn’t make myself clear. My problem is to do with creating the ISO images using the NERO image writer - so I’m not actually writing to disk at this stage.

Can anyone else shed any light on this? It doesn’t make sense. Perhaps one of the Nero developers could provide me with some sort of a response - it has been almost 5 months since my first post! This is your official support forum is it not?



Nero can only make nrg file as cd/dvd image instead of iso file. you can use magiciso to create iso file of cd/dvd or convet nrg file to iso.

Actually if you rename the output file to NRG, it does create an ISO file, I have confirmed this by using various ISO burners to burn the resulting images.