Problems burning in DVD Data

I recently started a new job as a picture taker that requires me to take several thousand photos, combine them into several pdf files and burn them all onto a single DVD disc.

Here are the materials I’m using:
Discs - Maxwell DVD-R 16x 4.7GB
Burning Software - Nero Burning Rom 8
Total Disc Space Used on Disc - 3672mb

I burned the disc as I have done before in the past and everything works as normal. I’ve been burning it at 4X speed which normally takes about 10 minutes. After the burn is completed, I can check the disc in my D: drive under My Computer and everything shows up completely fine. However, when I put this same disc into another computer, it comes up blank. WinXP is what I’m using on my both of my computers.

I do NOT have the Image Recorder selected when burning, I have my DVD drive selected.

Any ideas on what might be causing problem. I’ve already wasted 5 DVDs trying to get this to work and still no luck.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!