Problems burning image with all softwares

I hope to God someone can help me here!! I have a bin and cue file that I cannot get on a disc. If I use Nero, it will want to burn this, which is a video and much larger than any CD is, to a CDR/RW. If I use Alcohol, I am able to use a DVDR/RW, but it will tell me that the disc is unformatted. There is no option to format the disc when I right click the drive. I’ve searched forum after forum after forum. None of them address my problem directly and seem to all suggest getting additional software. I got Nero because it was recommended over Roxio. That didn’t work and everybody seemed to say get Alcohol. That doesn’t work either and am tired of downloading software. Just want this thing to burn. My drive is compatible. Am essentially wondering why Nero wants to put a video file on a CDR/RW and why Alcohol says that the disc is unformatted. When using the erase/format wizard in Alcohol, I get a Invalid Field in Parameter List error. :confused:

You problems are because bin/cue is a cd format and not a dvd format so neither nero nor alcohol will allow you to burn it directly to a blank dvd and, of course, the image is too large for a cd.

You may, and I stress may, be able to burn it with alcohol by mounting the image to alcohol’s virtual drive and then just doing an ordinary copy from the mounted image.

If that doesn’t work then I’m afraid you will have to get additional software that can either convert the image to an appropriate dvd format or that can burn the image directly to a dvd without conversion (I believe that both Dvd Decrypter and ImgBurn can do so).

Thank you for your information. This crap is way more complicated than it needs to be.