Problems Burning Files to DVD -R

I am trying to burn the following 4 files to a DVD - R using Image Burn:

#1 – MP4 295 MB
#2 – MP4 79.3 MB
#3 - MP4 34.0 MB
#4 - FLV 10.3 MB

Total size = 418.6 MB

After I add them to the Image Burn source file and start the burn process using either “Create Image File From Files/Folders” or “Write/Files Folders to Disc”, I immediately get a message back from Image Burn saying that no files or folders were added to the image.

When I try to burn directly to a DVD instead, I get the same message but saying that no files/folders were added to the Disc. I have verified many times that Image Burn is configured properly with each attempt but still no luck each time. Any ideas on why Image Burn is not creating these outputs? There should be ample space on the blank DVD for the files.

Also, I want to be able to view these files on my TV DVD player. Am I going about this the right way or is there a different method that I need to use? I also have Roxio Creator, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter on my system. Thanks for any assistance.

I have to assume you are fairly new to using ImgBurn and you are starting with the EZ-Mode Picker.

Select [I]Write files/folder to Disc[/I]
Make certain that Output is set to Device, and your burner is selected in the Destination line.

Click on [B]File[/B]–>[I]Browse for a source file [/I]
Then go to the area on the hard drive that has your file.

Click on the file you wish to bring into the program, then click Open. The file should appear in the main window of ImgBurn. Do this for all your files.

Click on Device tab and set burning speed to 8x (or possibly 4x if using a laptop drive). Click on Options tab and make sure the file system is ISO9660 + UDF and UDF is set to 1.02. Click on Labels and make labels for your disc.

Click on the big disc icon to start the building/burning process.

Now on to the problem of your files. Playing mp4 and flv files in a dvd player really depends on the capabilities of that player. FLV files are not normally supported, though many new dvd players will playback mp4 files.

If you want to convert these to dvd-video format, use AVStoDVD. There is a link to a guide for it down below, in my signature. AVStoDVD is free to use. You will be able to build a menu to select each individual video.

By the way, if burning dvd-video, select the [B]folder[/B] of the movie. This folder will contain two subfolders, an empty Audio_TS and a Video_TS folder that holds all the data. So when you use ImgBurn to burn dvd-video, go [B]File[/B]–>[I]Browse for a source folder…[/I]

A belated thanks for your response and advice. I finally was able to get back to working on this task and thanks to your info, I have been able to complete it to my satisfaction. I found AVStoDVD to be very helpful although I had some hurdles to overcome while using it.

I was unable to produce any audio output on .mp4 files due to what is apparently a bug in the program. The .flv file produced output properly, however. I finally just converted all 4 of the files to .avi format in order to bypass that audio problem and also be able to deal with one consistent file format as the program input. Thanks again.

Bug in which program?

Imgburn ist a reader/burner tool, nothing about conversion at all.