Problems burning DVD with XP

Hi, I am trying to back up some photos onto a DVD.I have a Lite-on SOHW-1213S. When I try to copy anything onto a DVD disc I get an error message that says, file system error 16389, this is using XP’s inbuilt tools. However if I use Nero or Picasa I can access the discs no problem but I don’t particularly like Nero and would much rather just use the straight forward approach using Windows alone. CD’s seem to be no problem at all, any ideas?
Any help would be gladly received.
Thanks, Dave.

Windows doesn’t support DVD natively, of course it’s built-in IMAPI burnsoftware doesn’t too.

It’s just normal that you got a error-message.
Just use real apps for burning DVDs. :wink:

Well that explains everything, thanks very much. Can you recommend any software that will do the basic things that I need without too many bells and whistles.