Problems burning dvd with nero

I have a problem burning a dvd with nero 6. My dvd burner is a Benq ew146B en i have TDK dvd’s dvd-r 4.7 single sided. When nero copies the image from the dvd on the computer, at the end when its finished it says that i haven’t got enough space? And when i want to burn it ,it says i haven’t get enough space on the dvd and the dvd that i have is 4.7 GB?? Does someone know how to fix this??

How big is the image you are trying to copy? Unless you’ve compressed it, most dvds are larger than 4.7GB. Most conversion programs compress down around 4458-4471MB. If its larger than that, you may be pushing the limit.

Thanx for replying. I wanted to copie a dvd(lord of war) en the image was around 7 gb en it said it was around 800 min i don’t understand this? And how do i compres it then like you say. This because i just got this extern dvd burner (Benq ew146b)?

I did it again and this was the result with nero 6. I have the dutch version so it may be a slight different:

Time Event

               Busy making image for burning.

               Image making succesfull completed.

               Compilation does not fit on a empty disc (schijf).

This stands on the nero 6 results after copien the image for dvd. Maybe you know know how i kan fix it maybe??

And the size was : 7182 mb / 817:06.55

It is too big to fit on a standard dvd. It is 7GB and a regular dvd is only 4.7.

You need to use some sort of program to compress it down. Since you have Nero, do you also have Recode? It comes with some Nero packages (depending on what you bought) Recode will shrink it down.

Otherwise there are several.




CloneDVD by Elby/Slysoft
and many others. Search thru the forms and read about them. You should fine tutorials as well.

Hey thanx again. Yes i have nero recode 2. Can you than explain to me how i can compress it and than burn it to a dvd , that would help. Thnx again!!

Note attached image below. Make certain you check “fit to target” and your “target” size is a dvd-5 (4.7 GB).

Hope this helps.