Problems Burning DVD-RW

Currently having problems burning any data to a 451S or 832S attempted to use Nero and MyDVD(SONIC). Media is Princo DVD-RW and also tried the Liteon DVD-RW.

did it work b4? what happened?

Never used -RW’s before.

u saying +RW and other CD formats are working perfectly?

You got it!
I have used the same media on a laptop with a different burner and it works. Everything so far points toward a burner/media (-RW) compatibility problem but I can’t seem to find out for sure. The supplier of the burner seems to suggest to upgrade the firmware which I will be doing tonight, so I’ll be posting the outcome tomorrow.

applied GSBA on the 451S and VS0B on the 832S, also applied a firmware upgrade on my motherboard, and surprise, suprise it still didn’t go.
Burned two DVD-R (one on each burner) with out a problem again, but as soon as I put in the DVD-RW well guess what!!!