Problems burning DVD+RW

Ok, just so you all know, I have NO idea about a computer’s innards just how to use them (basics only) so any answer would be appreciated in plain speak :slight_smile:

I purchased an Acer Aspire which had NTI CD DVDRW Gold already installed along with LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P65 (I hope that’s enough info).

I can burn CDs, DVD+Rs fine and I can watch and play both too. However, I cannot burn DVD+RWs even though I’m supposed to be able to.

In case you’re wondering, I’m trying to create an copy of documents I’ve created for my University course which I’d like to be able to amend and add to as I go along so I don’t lose them (exams and everything coming up) so it’s not like I’m trying to copy a DVD. However, DVD+RW is what I need to do as I do NEED to be able to amend these documents from time to time.

The DVDs I have were recommended by the salesperson who sold me the computer and they’re Philips so a good make. At first, I thought it was the discs, so I replaced with another pack. I then bought some Sony ones which also don’t work. I tend to get an error message “illegal operation” or it says it’s written ok but when I put the disc back in it’s blank. I’ve been onto both Acer’s website and NTI’s (and used the fairly useless windows troubleshooter) but can’t get any ideas on what’s wrong and how to resolve the problem.


Ok, maybe the heading in my original question put people off so here it is again copied as a a new thread in all its glory. PLEASE, I really need help with this problem as I haven’t got a clue…Anybody out there who can help? :confused:

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If you want to use DVD+RW as if it were a large floppy disk, then you need what is called packet-writing software, such as Nero InCD or one of the Roxio products. This will allow you to transparently update files without reburning the whole DVD.

Otherwise you can add further sessions to the DVD+RW, if your writing software will allow it, but the files will appear as separate versions on the disc and you still have to burn everything as a whole session.

I’m not familiar with that software, you already have, but it looks like it is only for creating full DVDs and probably not what you need.

BTW if you would like your posts title changed then please PM a staff member, rather than creating another thread. I’ve merged your two threads, changed the thread title, and edited out the identical text.

Hi [B]angel.wysiwyg[/B],

Download CDSpeed.exe to your desktop, unzip and start it up, go to the Create Disc tab and put one of your DVD+RW in the drive. Hit Start and let it finish burning the disc, then save the result by clicking the floppy icon on top of the window. Now go to the Disc Quality tab and hit Start to scan the disc you just burned. Save the screenshot again and post both graphs as attachments here. This will show us whether there’s anything wrong with your PC/burner and/or discs. :slight_smile:

ImKidd57 - oops, sorry :o . Re Nero / Roxio stuff, wouldn’t the computer come loaded with that software (hardware?) already if it’s being sold as something capable of writing DVDs? How would I find out if it’s already included?
Cressida - am trying (doing) that now - don’t understand what it is but hey, anything is worth a go. Will get back with results later.

Hi Cressida (or anyone else who can help). Did as you said (word doc attached with screen shots). For some reason the screen shot I took of the second graph doesn’t have the reference to “100% bad” surface scan which it was showing just before I closed the window down, so I redownloaded the programme you said so I could try again but it doesn’t seem to want to do it again :a Is this enough info? Ta

for cressida.doc (75.5 KB)

OK that’s good info: now we know the media ID (MID) is INFODISC A10.

Until Cressida gets back, instead of the ‘ScanDisc’, could you repeat the scan using the ‘Disc Quality’ …?

When saving the scan graph, make sure you choose the ‘PNG’ option, which can be directly attached to your reply post instead of needing to be added to a Word document.

Hiya again. Realised I’d made a mistake and redone. Attached correct stuff now - disc quality appears not to be supported (see word doc). Because it didn’t finish the disc quality bit, I couldn’t save it properly so I’ve had to add screen shot to a word doc again (told you I know nothing about computers :slight_smile: ) Ta

for cressida 2nd go.doc (114 KB)

Hi [B]angel[/B], - thanks for providing the requested information. Looks like the Philips completes the test burn but isn’t readable and the Sony doesn’t even start the test burn. What can I say, I don’t think there’s a problem with your computer (seeing as normal CD and DVD work fine) and it may be more a question of incompatibility between the burner and the RW discs used. You can still do a couple full erases (not quick erase) of the discs and see if this helps.

The reason you can’t do a Disc Quality scan is probably because the burner has so-called OEM-firmware installed for Acer (the firmware version is PRS2, as can be seen in CDSpeed) as opposed to the official LITE-ON firmware (which would be installed if you bought the drive separately). I refer to this because it is often possible to get better media support (improve the compatibility between the burner and the discs) by doing a firmware update. You can have a look at the Acer support website, but I doubt you will find updated firmware for your SHW-160P6S there.

One option you have is to “crossflash” the drive to the latest official LITE-ON firmware, but this would likely void your warranty (which with the low price of new burners doesn’t have to be a big problem, but that’s for you to decide). The other option is to try yet another type of RW discs, whereby Verbatim would be my suggestion as they are usually well supported. You can try both +RW and -RW versions as they work in pretty much the same way.

As already mentioned by [B]imkidd57[/B], you can’t really amend or edit your files on RW discs unless you use special software (which not many people do as it can be cumbersome and unreliable). With a standard burn program you can only add “burn sessions” with newer files or erase the disc and burn again.

As a final note and looking at what you want to do, why not use a USB memory stick or card. It’s got the ease of drag-and-drop and you can amend/append as much as you like. Prices even for a couple Gigabytes are very reasonable these days.

P.S. If you should want to try the “crossflash”, we’ll be glad to assist.

Thanks for your help. I’m going to contact Acer and see what they say but will take your advice in the meantime with regard to a USB memory stick and the Verbatim discs. May come back to you about the crossflash thing if all else fails. Thanks again. :slight_smile: