Problems burning DVD-R RITEK media

I bought these dvds from newegg for $51.99 (not $46.99 because these are printable). Anyways I tried burning 2 different movies and non of them will work on any of my dvd players at home. Before Ritek I used TDK and it worked fine, Ritek however wont work. I dont understand because everyone says good things about their media, so what gives? BTW my recorder is NEC 2500A.

Thank you.

I suggest reading here:

It seems like many people have problems with ritek media in the NEC, I do not have any problems btw.

It seems it was a software problem with G04. I burned 25 TDK with DVD X Copy but not a single Ritek would work. I use DVD Shrink now and I burned 5 movies in a row with no hick ups :bow: