Problems burning DVD+R DL


I am attempting to burn a 7 gig ISO file using Nero 6.

The media is a TDK DVD+R DL 2.4x and my drive is a BenQ 1640 with BSHB firmware. It is in an enclosure and connected via USB 2.0. to my Toshiba Satellite A60 notebook computer.

I have been unable to upgrade my drive to the newest firmware (whenever I upgrade the drive to BSLB goes all wonky and nothing works at all! Everything goes right again when I downgrade it back to BSHB)

It will burn a 4.7 DVD+R (Memorex 8x disc) without breaking a sweat but it fails to burn the DL discs in about the first 20 - 30 seconds. Nero also does not provide me with an error report (its specifically says that it couldn’t… I have no idea why)

Anyways, I have made about 3 coasters and I figured I would ask around before I did that again.

I am going to try some other brands of media (perhaps the TDK’s hate my drive?) or maybe the cause it the USB connection…

Any ideas would be awesome. Thanks!

  • Jesse