Problems Burning Dual Layer - Please Help

Ok - I burned 6 movies using my LiteOn Burner (ATAPI DVD W DH16W1P) and all of them work perfectly fine in my computer and laptop. However, when I put it in my Pioneer DV-400V (1080p Upconvert) and Sony 1080i Upconvert player it shows the trailers then jumps to the final scene of the movie. If I try to hit Root or Top Menu it keeps jumping to the final scene.

I don’t get it cause all the DVDs work great in my computers! They play the root menu directly as it should!

FYI - I’m using the combination of Ripit4Me with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to burn. All the DVDs burn successfully. I’m also using Ritek Ridata 2.4X DL DVD+R DVDs.

Anyone’s help would be deeply appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Ritek DL media is awful and I suspect your problems can be attributed to that media. The most higly recommended DL Media is Verbatim.

I guess I’ll have to try it on a Verbatim. So I guess there is no way to nail it down to the media being the sure fire issue? Or cause it works fine in any computer it must be the type of media…?

For DL Dvd Shrink should never come into it. If you are using RipIt4Me either Full Dvd Rip then put the output files into a VIDEO_TS File & use ImgBurn in Build Mode or ISO then burn the MDS file with ImgBurn ISO Write.

Well then that solved the problem!

I was using RipIt4Me in conjunction with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink like I would when using a single layer. I just switch over and used DVD Decrypter Write / Read ISO options and burned the DL - AND IT WORKS GREAT in both my computer and dvd players!

Phewwww I was about to regret buying a 100 pack of Ri-Data DL DVD+Rs!

Thanks for everyone’s help! I’m such an itiod for using DVD Shrink for no darn reason! :disagree: