Problems burning double layer

Hi All, I’m a relatively new DVDFab Platinum convert. Last night I tried to burn double layer for the first time and burned three $3 coasters. I used the “clone” method and burned an ISO image to my hard drive as I didn’t have any DL discs handy. I came back later with the needed DL media and tried to “clone” again this time using the image file off my hard drive. First I got errors that said the media I’d inserted was single layer, which it was not. I finally got it to say it was working, then it would IMMEDIATELY say burning was sucessful and pop out a blank (and finalized) disc. I was using HP DVD+R DL discs since that’s all my nearby Wal-Mart store had in stock. Never used them before and wondered if it just didn’t like the media. Was going to try Dynex tonight (Best Buy’s generic.) Any suggestions?

If you have never tried Best Buy’s Dynex, I would not get them. I tried their single layer and ended taken them back. They gave me big problems. This is just a heads up. If you have a Circuit City around, I have used a lot of their Philips single layer and have not had a problem with them, and they are on sile for $9.99 for 50 this week.

Verbatim +R DL’s only is my suggestion.

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Make sure the firmware for your drive is up-to-date also try using Full Disc mode making sure you select DVD9 at the bottom of the screen in the “Quality” in the drop down.
And make sure you are using SAO writing and not Packet writing

Thanks everyone. I have always had good luck with Verbatim as well so I guess I’ll have to go back to them exclusively for DL burning.

What is the difference between cloning with ISO’s and just doing the full disc method? I understand the two methods use two different file formats but is one method more reliable than another?

Please take a look at this put together by Signals

What is the difference between VSO and the Nero burning engine? Which is better?

Although some recommended against Dynex, it worked like a charm. The first try with Dynex failed but it was trying to burn 6.5x. When I slowed it down to 2.4x it worked fine.

I switched off packet writing, as suggested. What does this do? I see this is only for DVD-R.

Thanks all, this is a great forum.

Hi All,

Since we are on the subject of DL burning I have one question. If using the FULL DISC option to dvd-9 should the ‘remove layer break’ option be unchecked under the protection settings? :confused:

Good question. I have always used “Clone”, and do it direct to disc if possible, avoid saving an ISO to harddrive.

Full Disc Mode removes the original layerbreak. Clone Mode does not remove original layerbreak. Full Disc and Clone removes protection bits, wich you can set in DVDFab settings. Normally all possible protection should be removed…

EDIT: Clone mode ignore settings DVD 5 or 9. It copys 1:1 like original.

I have “remove layer break” checked, do full Disk to DL media, no probs thus far,great backups using only Verbs…

Ditto, I have tried other brands. They ended being more coasters. Seldom have problems with Verbatim. I now only used them for DL burning.

Thank you tOnee1. That was the answer I was looking for. :bow:

You’re Wc, but it is a team effort here at freaks… :smiley:

I sure agree with everyone about off-brand DLs. See thisfor the best reason not to buy them.

What if one has the option of remove layer break in the settings checked, does it remove layer break when using clone feature?

Clone mode will preserve the LB regardless of whether or not "remove layer break " is ticked… :wink: