Problems Burning DOA



I am having trouble burning mp3's that I have via DAO with my Samsung 216B (16x12x32) CD Recorder. I am unable to successfully burn a CD in Adaptec Easy CD-Creator or Nero, however, TAO cd's seem to burn fine. The CD Recorder is DAO compatible and I used to burn discs via DAO all the time. I do have the latest version of the aspi drivers for windows (4.7.1) and am using Windows XP.


DAO is unnecessary if just burning individual files; unless the TAO gaps make your player hiccup, don’t worry.

Your burner might be DAO capable but the software has to turn it into reality, some can, some can’t.


Not exactly. . .DAO has some good features for burning mp3’s to a CD including CD-text. CD-text allows me to see what track is playing in my car stereo and on my computer. Also DAO allows for crossfaded files and more.


Yes, you’re quite right. But I said individual files. There is a FAQ in the CloneCD Forum and a sticky in the Burning App Forum with tips and advice, relevant to all burning. EZ CD Creator is good for data backup and nothing else. Nero is a great pre-masterer and I use it & the pro plugin for my MP3 work. If your burner is DAO write mode capable then perhaps DMA is not enabled, just PIO or Multiwrod 2 perhaps? IMAPI service turned off? Chipset drivers up to date or using native drivers? ASPI 4.7 not required in XP if using Nero, btw. It’s hard to know your level expertise at troubleshooting but I suspect you know a fair bit. Stay in touch