Problems burning coasters Please help



I just burnt five coasters in a row. I have only burnt one sucessfull dvd before today. I get an error about 5 percent throught the burn (SCSI command aborted). My firmware is GS0F, I am using the external USB 2.0 811SX but my computer recognizes it as a 851S. I am running it on my laptop and I have the USB 2.0 adapter in it. I have my external 120 gig hard drive hooked up to my fire wire card. Please help



the mods will probably get after you for starting thread after thread about the same thing…

i would suggest making this as simple as possible. move some stuff off of the main HD to the 120 gig so you have room. then burn off the laptop HD directly with the hd unplugged from the system.

if that does not work i would try the drive with another system.

my suspicision is that your config is not fast enough to run @8x might want to try 1 or 2x