Problems burning Click

Is anyone having problems burning the movie Click? I am using clonedvd version with anydvd and I keep getting an error message: data error cyclic redunancy check etc… I have cleaned the dvd but it still will not burn. Any suggestions??? :confused:

How about updating to Version and what Version of AnyDVD are you using? By the way Welcome to the forum.

I am having a different problem. My burner wont read the DVD. I can read all other DVD’s… using an LG - GSA4166B. I see the read lights go on after the DVD is inserted, but no Autoplay or no folders to browse are availabe. I have upgraded the firmware for this unit to 1.02. Any suggestions? I also checked to see whether it had slipped into PIO mode, but it hasnt…still in DMA

I am using DVDDecrypter (downloaded it the other day).
I am currently with “Click” in the DVD-ROM drive for 1:17:07 and still going.
It is 8% done.
I tried making a backup last night and failed. Same deal.
]]]] W 13:09:37 Failed to read Sector 409723 - No Seek Complete [[[[
That is basically the repeated line, after line, after line. The number changes of course.
I figure I have to accept I cannot make a backup. Will be interesting how long I go before I stop the insanity.
Who thinks it will be less than an hour from now before I press stop?
To be fair, I have a dvd to watch that I haven’t seen. [I haven’t watched Click yet either.]
I also have Matlock on for another 1hr45min.
I have my regular forum to go visit and post my daily message at.
I am usually very impatient. I was outside yacking at the neighbor for the past 20 minutes.
I checked the mail and have new music arriving from BMG that hubby ordered. Scorpions and Cinderella? Man, it’s been a long time. I’m not going to listen to music with that dumb disc in there!! I do have two drives, and my dvdrw is still empty.

I’d like to know how long other people have been willing to wait??
it’s been 20 to 30 min for every other dvd I did. I did have a dvd that did the same thing and I just stopped the application.

I don’t think I’ll make it another 1/2 hour.

i am using fab and i’m having the same problem with click(can not write dvd :5)

all you need is ripit4me fixvts dvd shrink and dvd decrypter then u run these programs and bam you got your self the movie click easy! :bow:

I had no problem backing Click up with dvd fab platinum! I had a bit of a problem changing from 2983, but clear sailing now, thanks to the forum
Thanks everyone… I was snooping around trying to find an answer! First timer here!
thanks again!
great program btw

I have followed all advise given in these posts and later posts and no dice with the movie. Usin ripit4me and IMG Burn, got as far as 9% and locked up. What is the deal with this DVD?

Fab Has Fixed The Problem

DVDFAB? Which verison?

try dvd santa or