Problems burning CDs



i am totallly new to this.

Tried ripping and burning using Windows Media Player.

Ripping seemed to work ok, but when burning to CD the quality was very poor, the tracks seem to be playing too fast at times and too slow at others. Doesnt play at a ll on ordinary CD player.

I have tried several CDs but all seem to show the same poor results.

I feel I amy be doing something fundamentally wrong. Can anyone help with suggestions please?


you should use better software,exact audio copy is the best cd ripper (most accurate) its free too get it @ rip to uncompressed wav use burrrn to burn it which is also free or nero ,as for dont play on oridianry cd player i think you didnt burned it in the right way (not as audio cd), as for too fast/slow the ripped tracks play fine on your hard drive? if they do then i assume it doesnt work well on the cd because of the software you used to burn it with (media player) if they dont play fine on your hard drive then there are 4 possible reasons

a) if its an original cd it might have copy protection scan it with a-ray
if it will find any tell bout it and ill give instructions on how to rip it up,also when you first inserted the cd did it bring up a window with a license agreement?

b) scratches,some drives cant read scratched cds properly if thats the case then try with other drives or on a friends pc,but in some cases when there are extreme loads of scratches even if the drive is good at reading scratched cds it wont be able to rip some of the tracks or all of em

c) your burner dont like the media
d) the ripping software (media player)


Thanks to Rockpoppy2 query, we tried turning off Norton software and burned at lower speed of 16 x. It worked - we have our first compilation CD.


Would never have thought of turning off Norton.