Problems burning CDs with BenQ 1650



I tried burning a slipstreamed XP boot CD and also an audio CD and both stopped during the burn process at 25% with a “Burn Failure”.

I’m using Nero and have had no problems burning DVDs with the 1650.
I’ve also used a Pioneer 106 to burn hundreds of DVDs and CDs using the exact same Nero with no problems whatsoever.

CDs used are Fuji TY. Anyone with a BenQ 1650 have or had this particular problem? Do I have a faulty 1650?


I haven’t.

Do I have a faulty 1650?
It’s a possibility. There are two laser systems, one for CD and the other for DVD, so one may work properly and the other not. :frowning: - I’ve had this happen with an old Pioneer drive.


Thanks for the feedback SK


Try CMC disc, i have no problem getting them to burn at 48X.