Problems burning *.bin VCD files with Nero

For some reason, Nero (latest version, but it’s been that way through a few), when I burn *bin files, will burn the disks fine. I can then look and see what’s on the files. If it happens to be a cd with programs on it, it will work fine. But if it’s a vcd or svcd disk, it will look fine, but windvd or any other software video player) will not recognise the format.
Now if I take the bin file, use vcdgear to extract the mpeg, and then use nero to burn the mpeg into a vcd or svcd disk, windvd will recognise it and play it fine. but no other player will.

I have a Lite On 12x10x32 burner.

Any ideas on why?

I use Nero because it came with the burner and seems to be a fine burner.
wincdr or whatever the popular burning program doesn’t support my drive, so I don’t use it. Fireburner is really buggy on my machine, so I can use it, but alot times it errors out while burning.

oh, I run W2k and have plenty of ram (192 megs)

I found on internet something saying VCD won’t play on systems without this file: SCSI1HLP.VXD being in a sub directory in windows directory. I don’t have that file on my computer, and searching on internet failed to turn up a copy of it, but did tell me conflicting stuff about it. Anyone know about that?

thanks in advance