Problems burning Audio CDs

I’ve been trying to burn Audio Cds from mp3s using Nero (latest version) with my new 52246s LiteOn (6S07)with some pretty good (data-wise) 48x Prodisc (which can be burnt error free @ 52x). I have burnt 5 or so audio cds since I bought the drive and my HiFi CD player seems to have problems reading most of them e.g. skip tracks, part of the track keep repeating itself (infinite-loop??!!). The only successfu audioCDs which are COMPLETELY PROBLEM-FREE are the ones that are burnt @16x and 24x and never full speed. Is my drive faulty ? I always test the audio cds using the CDspeed tool in nero and most of the time the CDs are error-free (checked using the LiteOn burner AND my Asus DVD 16x E616).

I’m just wondering if LiteOn drives commonly have problems burning AudioCDs at FULL SPEED? I"m very satisfied with how fast it burns data cds especially @52x but i"m kinda disappointed that it can’t burn perfect audio CDs @ high speeds. Also @ what speed do you ppl burn audio CDs? Do you all burn at full speed? I don’t wanna have to burn all my CDs @ 1x or else I prolly should downgrade back to my old 6x Ricoh 7060s!! BTW when I burn CDs I usually don’t run anything intensive in the background…e.g. antivirus etc…

If it’s my drives’ problem I probably have to RMA it sometime soon… which I’d hate to do!!!


you could use eac or feurio with the lame codec to rip and burn audio.

Full speed burning audio can lead to skipping on some players. Lower speeds normally give you more compatability.

I myself don’t use speeds higher then 4x for audio

You could also try some better quality media

Just wanna add that the CDs that I’m using are 700MB 48X Prodiscs:

ATIP: 97m 32s 19f
Disc Manufacturer: Prodisc Technology Inc.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f / LBA: 359847)

I’ve also noticed that problems usually occur in the last few tracks e.g. track 16 onwards and very rarely before that…is it a problem with the CDR media or the drive???

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Change media.
Use quality media like Taiyo Yuden, Mitsui, MetalAzo…

They usually have better compatibility with readers (and writers).

The used media, the writing speed and the playing device are factors to consider when writing audio cds.

In your case, I would have no problems writing my audio cds at 24 speed, don’t mind the extra less then a minute writing time…

Did you try using DAO/96? The discs can’t turn out much worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Macrophage

The only successful audioCDs which are COMPLETELY PROBLEM-FREE are the ones that are burnt @16x and 24x and never full speed.

That’s right. The matter is very delicate and that’s why I’m using either Plextor’s VariRec ( which is 4x )
or up to 16x burning.
And yes, the media plays an extremely important role - all this is already stated here

Did you try using DAO/96? The discs can’t turn out much worse

Just wondering what is it?? Is it better or worse than DAO?? Any useful links would be nice…

BTW I’ve just tried burning @ 32x and the CD is PERFECT!! No more problems for my HiFi CD player…

Also I’ve tried the option of decoding the mp3s to wav before writing @ 48x and it seems to ok as well. I’ve yet to confirm this however when I’ve burnt enough Audio CDs @48x. but I’ll probably settle for 24x for the moment on the safe side.

The main worry for me really has been whether or not my LiteOn is faulty. Seems that it’s a general fact that audio CDs should be burnt at lower speeds c.f. data.

In DAO, your writer creates the subchannel data on its own
In DAO/96, Nero has to create it.

It’s simple: If one of these modes doesn’t work, try the other one :stuck_out_tongue:

Burning audio at lower speeds is not necessary if you use proper media. And Prodisc is certainly not always proper media. It’s like Ritek…



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… DAO/96 is not at all required or useful for normal audio recording, and this subject has already been beat to death very recently. …

If you can burn perfectly playable copies at 32x but not at higher speeds, then your problems have obviously nothing to do with settings. The definition of a quality recording is just not a disc that passes a test in the recorder which burned it. If it is not playable in a wide variety of players, then it is not a quality reproduction.

You have already hit on the solution to your problem. Just burn at 32x with this media for your standalone CD player. :slight_smile:

Why burn audio at such high speeds anyway? Let alone the compatibility, huge amounts of jitter equal each speed bump. I’ve done extensive A/B tests with proper audio equipment at various speeds up to 40x and the difference in audio quality is more than audible. Discs burned with Yamaha and Plextor burners. The absolute maximum I’m using is 16x. Quality recordings are never burned above 4x.

Originally posted by disconnected

The absolute maximum I’m using is 16x. Quality recordings are never burned above 4x.

That’s what just confirms my said statement :wink:

I read ´n burn at 4x on TY´s and as said above ,no problema!