Problems burning audio cd's

I’m new here but have been computering for a good few years. I have an Evesham computer which is coming up to 3 years old. Recently when I burn cd’s they burn ok, and play for the first few tracks ok. Then go crackerly and in some cases jumpy. I have been using JVC CD- RA80 cdr music audio 80 mins.
But all so have had problems using Philips cd-rw .
My operating system is XP home edition and the drive used to burn cd’s is a Sony DVD RW-DW 418A.
I have tried burning with windows media player series 10 and 9
which has been fine up to now, but the same problem occurs with realplayer and Creative media source player.
It’s driving me crazy because normal files get abcked with no problem, please has anyone have any ideas that could help.
thanks becky

Welcome to the forum, Becky! :slight_smile:

Here’s a few tips that may help: try burning your music files into audio using Burrrn - it’s a small freeware program that I use all the time :slight_smile:

Also, try lowering your burn speed to 16x. I never burn audio any faster than that.

Lastly, if none of the above helps, try some Verbatim discs.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you I will give a try and let you know.

Sorry to take so long in letting you know how the Verbatim disc’s worked, but I had to send away for them, they arrived today.
Used the Burrn program put the disc in a CD player it was playing fine.Thank you for your help.

Better late than never, and you’re welcome :slight_smile: