Problems burning audio cd's from hd

Hello, I’m a total newbie to this. So here goes. I have a pentium 4, 1 gb ram, 250gb seagate hd, just installed new liteon drives, an shd-16P1S rom, and SHW-160P6S RW. Have XP Pro, been using limewire to download, and nero 7 to burn. I use anydvd, dvd region css, and dvdclone to burn dvd’s.

Until about 6 months ago I had no problems downloading and burning audio cd’s for use in all cd players. Then my drives crapped out and had to get them changed. Since then I have no problems burning dvds but I am having trouble burning audio cd’s.

Most of my songs are in mp3 format. The songs play fine from my hard drive, on various player programs and on my d-link media center. But lately when I burn cd’s it’s a crap shoot. I’ll get half the songs that play normally, and half with garbled digital noise, flaws. I’ve tried slowing down the burn speed, and changing recordable media. It’s odd because some songs I recorded 6 months ago worked fine then and now they have the defects when burned?

Where should I start?

Burn at low speeds and use good media.

Which version of Nero 7 do you use? Have you tried updating Nero to the latest version ( Some of the forum members have reported a bug with certain versions of Nero (I don’t remember which) when creating audio CDs.

mp3 bugged out with these versions.

Scan your HD for errors and check your DMA settings.