Problems burning at 8x & 12x


I have a 400mhz cpu, 256mb ram, 20GB & 10GB HD and an Aopen 12x10x32 pro cdwriter.
I have DMA with data sync set on the writer and DMA set on both drives.
HD’s are on one IDE cable and the writer on the Other.

I’m using Nero 5 packaged with the writer.
When I try writing at 12x it dies. The simulation works at 8x and 12x but any burning attempts at 8x and 12x die.
On one occasion it wrote at 8x but the audio came out terribly.

I’ve been surfing the forum for ideas and help but nothing yet.

Any suggestions?


Another quick question. Am I right when I assume that you should be able to burn at 12x on the fly and via an image?

Do you have a lot of software installed, or are you running any software when you are burning ?

I only have the standard things installed, like winamp, mediaplayer 7.1, MS office 97, Norton 5, some divx players and a few games.

Background software that runs when I’m burning might be the ATI task bar icon but anything else I stop.

Originally posted by SnookieWookie
I have DMA with data sync set on the writer and DMA set on both drives.
Shouldn’t ‘Synch Data Transfer’ (as I believe it’s called) only be used for SCSI devices ? I don’t know what could be your problem but 400MHz is a little on the slow side… Should work though. Do you have USB devices installed ? I have problems writing @ 12x when my USB modem is plugged in on a 700MHz system. Without it the problems are gone.

I have no idea about the sync data transfer setting.

There are a few guys here running 300mhz with 128mb ram and they seem to be burning at 8x with no problems but you could be right about the cpu speed, maybe I should consider upgrading.

I’m not using any USB devices though.

Thanks for the input :wink:

First if u haven’t done so get the newest update of Nero.

I would try upping the buffer amount in Nero. Goto File>Preferences and select the buffer tab. Then set it to about 68 MB of memory. When burning you do not need the simulation setting, it may be apart of the problem. So uncheck it before burning. Also do a fresh reboot of your computer to refresh your resources this is a problem many people run into. You may also need to defrag your hard drive more often. I’ve seen that too. If none of this works goto and download a program called Cacheman (it’s free). There is preset settings in the program for CD Burning select them and save the configuration then reboot. I’ve had good luck with Cacheman.

a.k.a. BlackAcidDevil :cool:

I have a 12x speed burner and I use Nero. My machine is a 533mhz Celeron, 192 megs of ram. I have the harddrive (10megs) set as Master of the 1st IDE channel, and the CDRW is the master of the 2nd IDE Channel (don’t have anything else on the ide channels)

I can do very basic stuff that doesn’t require a lot of harddrive access while writing at 12x. I can surf the web okay, but not really anything else. I have Burn-proof writers, so I don’t burn coasters, but it will slow the burning down if I have other activity going.

chances are your machines just a little too slow. Make sure that dma is set if your machine handles dma. When I updated my OS to W2k, it set my ide channel that the writer was on to PIO, which sucked dog doo.

good luck!


Try to use different cd medias and lower burn speed but I should be able to burn with 12x!

this is wierd…!

But I hope you get answers! :wink:

Thanks for the advice SPINESHANK:) I’ve downloaded the newest update of Nero and will install it and test again. I have 256MB ram and have already set the buffer level to 80MB ram.

I’ll test and attempt later in the week if it doesn’t work I’ll try the cacheman idea, I’m sure I won’t have any problems though.

I’ve also competely re-installed my machine over the weekend so I think I have a good chance of it working.

To Nider: I have my DMA set on my writer and HD’s. I too am thinking that my machine is a slight bit too slow.

To defiz: I use Verbatim 80min Cd’s and can burn at 4x but anything faster i.e. 8x, it seems to screw up the audio. Lots of noise on certain tracks.
At 12x it’s a coaster at 15% completed.

But let me try these other ideas and I’ll come back to you guys.

Thanks :wink:

hi guys

Good news, after a complete re-install of my system I can now write an image at 12x. I haven’t tried doing a HD data to writer copy yet but i’m sure it’s gonna work.

At 12x it’s still screwing up the audio tracks though, but I still have to install the nero updates.

Thanks for all the help.

Originally posted by SnookieWookie

At 12x it’s still screwing up the audio tracks though, but I still have to install the nero updates.

Thanks for all the help.
:smiley: [/B]

This quit normal for burning audio you should write at max 8 speeds. Don’t bother to mention you can write to 12 16 or higher speed I know it is possible. But still take my advice.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve learnt my lesson by making a few coasters but I don’t write faster than 4x for audio because at 8x some of the audio tracks become corrupt, less than at 12x, but it still screws-up.


i burn all my audio cds at 24x on my liteon
perfect every time for playing in my car
cd player.

24x, that’s great…what’s your machine specs?

Burning at that speed is only a dream for me now:p
They don’t sell that brand Writer in South Africa or atleast I don’t know of any that does.
I’ve got the aopen 12x10x32…definitely not as wonderful as I initially thought
My next writer will be a 24x plextor or Asus with an upgrade of motherboard and chip to a 1GHz

I have a work colleague that has the same writer as I and he also seems to have endless problems with corrupted data and burns coaster occasionally.

you can also buy the liteon 24x
its chipper than the pkex and it can copy
the new SD2 2.51 which the plex cant

I know the Liteon is th best writer but unfortunately it’s not available locally, I live in South Africa, Cape Town and the only way I can get that writer is to import it and with the current exchange rates, it’s complete madness.

Also I have a P2 400mhz with 256MB Ram, so writing at 24x might not be possible, what is the minimum hardware requirements for that writer?

I write data at 12x with no problem, but writing audio leaves noise on the tracks, I think they call it jitter or something like that.

I’m tired of throwing away audio cd’s so I burn at 4x and no faster. Data is ok at 8x but I prefer it at 4x as well cause at 12x it’s not readable by some cdroms.

Or it could be that the writer is just crap, it’s an A-open 12x10x32.