Problems burning a dvd

This is one of the things that I need help in I have a dvd its “Dragonball Episode 8-13” first I put it in DVD X Copy and then I got “Error selecting VTS-Titleset” and also something else cant remember but I was able to burn a movie before that particular dvd and I was able to burn one after just to make sure if my dvd rom was working and it was.

Then I read here that DVD Shrink is a better program so I downloaded that then that gave me an error when I tried to open it saying “Failed to read D:” “The request could not be preformed because of an I/O device error” now what I’m getting from that is that my dvd rom could not read the dvd but thats bull cause it can play with power dvd can someone help me get one of these two burning programs to work for me.

I run a Win XP pro I got dvd x copy platinum, nero, dvdshirk, my burner is the sony dvd rw dw-u10a, my dvd rom is a samsung dvd-rom sd 616e…like i said earlier i never had a problem before burning with dvd x copy but this one damn dvd is giving me problems.