Problems burning 812

I just got a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S @ 832S and I have been having some problems burning DATA disks.

I am just trying to backup data from my hard drive, and I keep getting errors when I tell NERO to verify the data after writing. I am using RITEKG04 media.

This is not the version of nero that came with my WRITER btw

here is a copy of the log file that nero created after the failed burn

Please help :slight_smile:


edit: one of the songs that nero said was unreadable, I just listened to it off the DVD, and it played fine…

Technicaly the burn process completed succesfully. :wink:

Must be something wrong with your media or Nero compilation. (I´m not that good on Nero).
Did you burn this as ISO1 or ISO2. There are some long filenames…
And dissable the web music check…

If the disc plays well, why worry?

BTW, run a speedtest and scandisc in CD/DVDSpeed. :smiley:

I just did a kprobe thing, what does it tell you? what does kprobe do?

Welcome to KProbe wonderful world. :slight_smile:

What it tells me…? Awful scan/disc. Tell us more, how you burned this!

BTW, you have upgraded the FW. Burn some more discs before posting KProbe scans next time. :cool:

you may want to look here for g04’s