Problems burning 80min CD's with Easy CD Creator 4



I am trying to burn 80 minute cd’s with adaptec easy cd creator 4 but don’t succeed.
I tried disk-at-once, tried 1 and 2 speed.
Anyone else had this problems?

What program should I use instead of Easy CD


you should use nero burning rom instead of easy cd creator. it’s a lot better…and cheaper if you actually buy it. :wink: is the site to get it at. get the serial at!


Hej Gandalf!!!

Don’t ya play Quake3 online at the NOF-server?


He throw easy cd creator away and use Nero or Cdrwin…

Easy cd Creator Sucks…

Grtz Madmax


Thanks for the help pals!

Vampire; I play Unreal Tournament in the weekends on lots of servers, I don’t have bought Quake3 yet.


Gandalf, There were some problems with version 4.0 that may have been corrected in version 4.01. Go to and download the 4.01 update. If the program just tells you that you have exceeded 74 minutes, just ignore than and continue. Should work fine…