Problems burining a DL with NEC 3550A

Hi. New to the forum, but found a lot of interesting tips here so far!

I have 2 computers, a laptop and desktop. The laptop came with an NEC-6500A DL burner (which works fine) and the desktop did not come with a DVD burner at all.

I recently installed the NEC-3550A into the desktop and am running into problems burning DL discs.

The discs ‘seem’ to burn fine, and they generally playback okay, except on each disc there is a slight pause for a second or two at some point during the video playback. Either the DVD freezes, or more likely, it freezes for a second or two and suddenly jumps back several chapters and resumes playing, getting caught in this loop. If I fast forward through the pause, it usually jumps 5 or 10 seconds forward, but I can watch the rest of the movie.

Discs burned on the laptop (DL) do not experience this problem at all, and I am using the same Verbatim +R DL discs for both burners and the same program to burn (DVD Decrypter) and the same Sony DVD player to watch the movies with. Friends who borrowed a DVD of mine experienced the same problem as I described. The only other variable is the system or the drive itself.

I’ve already tried flashing the new drive (didn’t help this problem) and tried lowering the burn speed from MAX to 2.4x to be consistant with the Verbatim label (although it says up to 8x on select high speed drives) but still no help.

My guess is that the pause and problem occurs when changing layers, although I have no way to prove this because discs with different amount of special features may have that layer change at different points in the film.

Anyone experience the same problem with this NEC? The desktop is a P4, 2.4 with 512MB RAM, SATA hard drives, running XP. The only device on the IDE cable are my 2 DVD drives. This one is set as Primary.

I also have a new pack of Fujifilm DL but haven’t tried them on the desktop yet (laptop worked fine with these discs too). I heard the Verbatim are supposed to be very good though.

Any help would be most appreciated. -Scott

Try them on another standalone, SONYs are picky.