Problems building a new DVD in NeroVision Express 3

I know NVE is nowhere near as powerful or versitile as Nero Burning ROM, but there is one case where I need to use it, and that is when I am building a DVD from scratch without a menu system ready to copy.

I have been trying to burn DVDs of anime fansubs (unlicensed) so I do not have to lug my laptop to our club meetings, and to do that I need two things that NVE can do: to convert AVI to DVD format, and to create a menu system. Unfortunately, while the menu and everything works fine, the conversion process clips a portion of the picture from each side of the video, which is a big problem when burning something with subtitles. Once I was sure it was the conversion do this and not the burning, I decided to use DivxToDVD to do the conversion, and that got me a very nice set of BUF, IFO and VOB files that are perfect for each episode. However, I still need NVE for the menus, but now I can’t load the files in correctly. For some reason DivxToDVD splits the main part of the file into 1 IFO file and 2 VBO files. When I open the IFO file in WinDVD, it all plays fine, but not when I only load a VOB. And NVE won’t let me add IFO files!

So that’s the problem: how do I get a correct conversion of these files into NVE so I can make menus for them and burn them?