Problems booting from Plextor 740UF



I thought it might be the USB on my motherboard, but I’ve tried this on a couple of systems now.

Now I’m suspecting the USB controller in the external Plextor 740UF drive is the source of my problems.

When trying to boot this drive on a couple of systems, it’ll hang for 5+ minutes before continuing. Then hang for another 5+ minutes.

This is with WinXP, memtest86, SUSE Linux, and BartPE.

Anybody else have this problem with this drive (firmware 1.01 or 1.02)?
Can you do me a favor and check it out?

Many Thanks!


If you disable/bypass booting from the drive, does the OS still hang or does it pass right on by? What is your system processor and BIOS version? Does it have a newer update than the version you have ?