Problems Bitsetting NEC ND3550/4551

Hi guys,
I bought a nec ND3550A and i need to set booktype on DVD+R DL.
I downloaded your firmware and i flashed it…all ok then i tryed to change booktype with DVDInfo Pro, DVD+R DL = DVD+R DL,OK but when i burned a dvd it was burned as DVD-Rom.
I thought it was caused by DVDInfo pro, but using WinBTypeV2 and BinFlash,same problem.
I also tried to set my drive like a ND 4551 but it still don’t work.
Can you help me?
Thanks and sorry for my bad english (I’m not English LOL!) :bow:


Exactly which ND-3550 firmware did you use?

Also some more details on the DVD you burned. Did you use Nero and burn a DVD-video disc? Nero has an option where it tells the drive to set the booktype DVD-ROM for DVD-video projects. Just un-tick this under the drive settings.

I used the LD3550 1.Y6 (Liggy & Dee NEC ND-3550A firmware).
I burned the DVD with Clone CD (i have to burn a back-up copy of an xbox360 game)

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