Problems backing up 'Ultraviolet'

I have dvdxcopy platinum and I have never had a problem backing up any movie until I tried Ultraviolet. I wanted to know If this has happened to anyone else and what are my options in terms of backing up this movie or copying. Thank you.

You asked almost the same question a week ago (here). Was the link supplied at the end of the thread of no use?

Did you try the combination of AnyDVD and DVD Shrink, which seemed to work for at least one other person?

Get the newest version of DVDFab Decrypter and then rip it to your hard drive. Follow up with DVD Shrink to compress it to fit a single layer disc. (unless you are putting it on a dual layer disc.)

First get rid of an outdated program that does not work with the latest dvds. Also get rid of dvd43 if you use it. Try anydvd and clonedvd from You can also use dvd fab free or other free programs. Most free programs are not updated. Anydvd and clonedvd have a 21 day trial . If you buy them you can get a discount of $5 each using promo code birthday or cdfreaks. Dvdxcopy was sued and as far as I know is out of business.

What about ripit4me. That should probably do it.

I agree with everything stated except I have never seen any author of a program as dedicated to keeping his programs updated as Fengtao is, even with the free version. If someone finds a new encryption on a disc that his program cannot remove it it usually fixed in 1 or 2 days! My hats off to Fengtao. :bow: :bow:

I said most not all free programs are not updated.-I know dvd fab free is updated.