Problems backing up The Warriors on xbox

Ok, I’ve got the UXE softmod installed on my xbox and have managed to backup all of my games apart from this one, The Warriors. When I try to run the copied disc on my xbox it gives the message that there is something wrong with the disc. I’m assuming this is down to some kind of copy protection but does anyone know if there is any way to get around this as I really don’t want to run the risk of having to go out and buy the game again should anything happen to the original disc.

You must first start your xbox.
When the menu appears you do the cd-tray open and put ‘‘the warrios’’ dvd in.
And then je push on launch dvd.

it works with me :slight_smile:

Clear (delete) your cache (X: Y: Z: E:\Cache).
Are you using PBL, or nkpatcher?
Try a different dash.
Upgrade to the latest dvd2xbox (7.1)

The cache is usually the culprit.