Problems Backing-up R1 Anime

Hey Guys - I’ve been a long time user of dvdfab platinum and generally haven’t had too many issues. I’ve always been able to backup pretty much everything i try to, but lately i have been having some issues with some region 1 Anime titles.

The titles are:
Zegapain - Vol. 1 & Flag - Vol. 2

Both of these titles wont even open up in dvdfab, the dics open bar gets about half way and just stays there, not even giving me an error log (left for over 30 min). Both titles will play fine on my dvd player and using Media Player Classic on my PC.

So, im kinda out of ideas here… Any help would be very much appreciated.


Try disabling PathPlayer…

And send Fengtao the IFO’s

Try turning off Path Player, disabling it and see if that helps.

Pathplayer is off, and i dont know how to get the ifo’s if dvdfab wont even recognize the disc. If i open up options, under info, it states the disc isn’t opened.

I also just tried to use AnyDVD on them aswell, and anydvd wont open either one either. I have already returned them both for different dics, so i would assume this cant be because both are bad discs.

Hi TehMaster,

You don’t need Fab to open the disc. Simply navigate to the disc with windows explorer, etc. If you’re interested in some additional detail, try IsoBuster. It’s available as shareware or freeware.