Problems Backing up PS2 CD

I have just bought the Xploder V5 Cheat CD for the PS2. It is definitely a CD with a black reading surface to it, similar to other Playstation games.

And as i paid a fortune for it, i want to back this up and use this for safe keeping of my original. I have a mod chip on my PS2.

The problem is though, making an image of the Xploder CD on my PC. As on both CloneCD and Alcohol 120% (both the very lastest versions of each e.g for CloneCD) I am getting a read fail error at 4% and can not copy no further.

In Alcohol it says its a L-EC error. But i am not sure what this means.

I have tried to use all CloneCD Libracypt profiles i have found here on CDfreaks and originally used the Game CD profile but all fail at 4%. I have tried the Playstation and Playstation 2 profiles in Alcohol 120%. But still no joy.

The disk is brand new and works fine. ClonyXXL says it has Libracrypt on it.

How do i back this CD up.

The drives i have tried it on is a Asus E616A with 1.08 Firmware and Benq 1650 with BCDC firmware. Both fail at 4%.

Thanks for your help

Out of curiosity, have you tried Blindwrite from VSO? Try the newest version, and if that doesn’t work try version 4.5 (also on their download page).