Problems backing up Ong-Bak

Hi all,

I have a few problems regarding Ong-Bak

  1. I have a problem trying to back up Ong-Bak using DVD Shrink 3.2 - It wont even decrypt Ong-Bak, just freezes.

  2. When I insert Ong-Bak into my Top Drive (Samsung CD/DVD Combo -/+RW DL TS-H552B) It works fine (well, reads it at least). However when I insert it into my bottom drive which is a DVD-Rom DL (have to check brand) it wont read Onk-Nak at all, wont even recogrnise the disk (and it only does this with Ong-Bak, reads other discs fine).

Anyone who could help me answer these two questions, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance.

PS: For people having problems burning DVD’s with their Samsung TS-H552B, try using DVD +R’s works for me everytime :).

I was thinking about it, and maybe I should update my firmware… Maybe that’ll work.
I have the latest firmware for the Sumsung Drive but not the bottom one (Which is a LG, not sure what model though.), haven’t updated it since it was installed.

Maybe I will try other software as well, instead of DVD Shrink.

Try Using Clone DVD2 it works Ok with that disk or your Disk might be damaged and that’s why your DVD-Rom can’t read it, there is no special copy protection on Ong-Bak so you shouldn’t even have any problems with DVD Shrink, just make sure you are running Any-DVD in the background when you try and rip it.

PS: Thanks for the Tip on using DVD+R with the Samsung TS-H552B but I don’t think it’s going work with my one, by now I think my one has been Recycled and it’s Coke can.

Thanks for the reply coathi

When I try to burn (copy) Ong-Bak in Nero it says that it is copy protected? That’s why I tried to use DVD Shrink.

The dvd is quite scratched, but it still plays fine in any dvd player. So I don’t see why it would be any different in a dvd-rom.

I’ll take your advice and use Any-DVD as well as Clone DVD2 and see how I go.

Thanks again.