Problems backing up on DL disks with 3035

I’ve attempted to back up some of my long movies on dual layer disks but without success. It’s almost the same problem with every movie regardless of the lenght. The copy is perfect almost to the end and then it skips and freezes. I’ve tried different disks, burning engines and media. The result is the same. Anyone else have this problem?

I’ve tried different disks, burning engines and media. The result is the same. Anyone else have this problem?

What drive have you got if I may ask? It could be the problem that your drive is picky with most DL media.
Did you use Verbatim or Ricoh dual layer discs?

I have Sony DRU-810A and Plextor PX-750A both with latest firmware. I have used Verbatim and Ritek media. My HD DVD player only supports DVD-R DL and I have not been able to find other brands in this format in Toronto. I thought about the same thing u did. I may try a different burner. But before I do that I want to make sure it’s not the software.

Use only verbatim+R for dual layer. Thats the only one thats recommended. But that doesnt help you on your -R player though. The freezing @ end of movie is usually caused by cheap disks. I have got around that before by restricting the burn size to stay approximately 1\8" from outside of disk.

I don’t know that many people are successfully creating bkups to -R DL media. It’s not an issue specific to this software. The only “recommended” DL media is verbatim +R DL. You may get some ok looking burns from some marginal media like RICOHJPN D00 (sold under Ricoh or Ritek), but I wouldn’t recommend 'em; most are too inconsistent or just plain crappy.

Have you tried bitsetting +R DL media to DVD-ROM?

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will do more experimenting to see if I can resolve this problem. You are right Liquidmagic. Compressing file a little more so burner does not write to the disks edge helped a lot on single layer disks and I always get a perfect copy. I will try this with the DL. It may be the answer.
No question Verbatim makes good products. But so is Ritek. I have used their media for a long time because I think it’s good quality and reasonably priced. As I mentioned in another posting it’s extremely difficult to find DVD-R/DL media here. A friend of mine gave me a couple of Verbatim disks to try out but the place he bought them from does not have them any more. Hopefully, my DVD player manufacturer will upgrade the firmware to support DVD+R/DL soon. This format is readily available. Thanks again.

Unfortunately, DVDFab does not allow you to restrict burn size. At least not that I can see. You can do that with DVD Shrink. But DVD Shrink does not support DL burning.

For single layer media DVD-5, you can set the burn size in Settings window.

For double layer media DVD-9, I don’t think there is need to limit burn size.

Thank you Fengtao for poiting this out. However I think it’s extremely important to limit burn size in DL as well. I found out a long time ago and after creating several coasters that all I needed to make perfect copies on DVD-5 media was to keep burn size below 4200MB. It had nothing to do with inferior media, burner problems or software. Since I discovered this I’ve made perfect copies for at least one year. And now it appears I’m having the same problem with DL disks. I’m not an expert but results speak for themselves. If it can be done I think it’s worth a try. Thank you again Fengtao.