Problems Backing Up Mr & Mrs Smith

This is a strange one. I’m getting the stupid cyclical error message, the disc is brand new no stratches. I have scanned it with Clone DVD2 and DVD Strip and it scans fine, usually if it defected it will stop during the scan, but no problems. Then when I go to back it up, 60% it will stop and give me an the cyclical error message! Defective disc, or is it new protection? I have never had this happen to be able to successfully scan through a whole film and then get an error while burning.

I ripped and burned mr.&Mrs.Smith region 1 widescreen with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD no problem.

i’ll try the newest version of AnyDvd then, if that doesn’t work the disc must be deffective.

Seems like it is just a defective disc, makes no sense to me cause it plays.

it is not uncommon for a disk with mastering errors to play relatively problem free on a DVD player but still cause copying problems.

Copied it last night with clonedvd and anydvd and had no problem.

>>>>Seems like it is just a defective disc, makes no sense to me cause it plays.<<<

As ISS menions in his reply above, the fact that the disc will play has almost nothing at all to do with whether the disc is dirty, or smudged, or scratched, or damaged, or whether it might have mastering errors. A DVD Player is designed to try to ignore any errors, and move on. Most will check the frames before, and the frames after, and will try to substitute, and then will try to move on to the next playable part of the disc. They are designed to try to keep on going, and where possible to do so in a way so you are never even aware that the disc is seriously damaged.

The same is true of the software on PCs that is intended to play a DVD (Media Player, for example, or Showtime, or any of the other major players).

MOST ripping programs are different, though. They are designed to try to get every last bit of data onto your hard drive. Without exception. If they cannot read even the tiniest bit of data, they usually stop and let you know.

There is only one exception that I know of (in popular ripping programs), and that is DVDFab Decrypter. Which is actually why I try to avoid using this one.

There are also a few rippers that let you go into the options screen and tell the software to “ignore read errors,” etc. DVDDecrypter has a few options for this sort of thing. However, you need to be careful when using this, since it may mean you are just ripping an unwatchable mess, if the disc has serious problems.

The “newness” of the disc has little bearing, lately. Sad, but true. I have read a lot of complaints about discs which came factory sealed (or appeared to be so), and were bought on day one of the release, which had obvious dirt, dust, grime, fingermarks, fingersmudges, etc. I saw a case recently where the guy claimed there was something that looked like pizza sauce smeared on his “War of the Worlds,” bought at a Best Buy on the Tuesday of release.

Now, having written all of that, I was able to back up my copy of Mr and Mrs Smith using DVDShrink, alone, with no other programs running at all. It did not appear to have Sony ARccOS on it, or Macrovision Ripguard. If your experiences are quite different, and you are dealing with the Region 1 release, I would clean that disc, carefully. Then, I would consider potential mastering errors, at which point I might go back to the store and ask for an exchange.

Hope this helps (and thanks to ISS for his correct reply above),


Yes, exactly. The question “why won’t it copy… after all it plays on my DVD player?” is a very uninformed question.

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