Problems backing up mp3 collection with Nero

Hi all. I’ve got 28 gigs of mp3 files to back up on DVD and am using the latest Nero Ultra Edition Suite. I used the backup mode so that I didn’t have to split the burn into multiple jobs. The first disk burned fine, but the second one failed after placing the files in the cache; there was some problem mentioned about “updating.” I used the 8+3 (sp?) file convention for longer names. Nero also didn’t give me the chance to start again from where I was which is kind of a bummer.

  1. Did I do something wrong, and how do I do it correctly?

  2. I noticed that my file names were changed to something COMPLETELY different. Its all capitals, uses very few words from the actual title, and adds a tilde mark. How can I have it burn the same same file names that are on my HD?

Thanks alot. If it helps I’m using a NEC 3500A burner and Verbatim media.