Problems backing up Lovely Bones



Multiple title sets are to large causing a very long back up, would anyone help in telling me which titles to remove in order for a good back up?

Im using dvd next copy ultimate and using latest version



I don’t have this title but if you were to read the neXt Tech userguide and use the trial of neXt Tech you should get a working backup.

If your UPC# matches then you can do this:

The Lovely Bones
UPC #9736352424

It is up to you to match the UPC#. If that number doesn’t match yours then this bin file will not work.

How to use a bin file -

The tutorial tells how to use NTU to make a bin and use a bin so read carefully. I would upgrade if I was you as well.

The Lovely Bones (UPC#9736352424).zip (304 Bytes)